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Welcome to the World of Yoga!

Shree Sanjeevani Kriya Yog Foundation (SSKY) is an autonomous and non-profitable organization has been working for last few years in Haridwar (Uttarakhand). SSKY have been already running a Yoga and Ayurvedic Center in Haridwar. SSKY are fully devoted to those people who are unable to get the facility of health and education.

SSKY has decided to start a new operation OPERATION AROGYAM for people those who are suffering from mental stress and various fatal psychosomatic diseases has beenresulted by suffocated, stressful, frustrated environment and modern life as well as materialistic cum passionate life style in National Capital region (NCR)


  What is Yoga Therapy

Yoga is not magic, but it can bring about miraculous types of transformation in the physical, physiological and emotional dimensions

By it?s very nature yoga is therapeutic. But there is a specific field of Yoga Therapy that adapts the practices of yoga to the needs of people with specific or persistent health issues

Yoga Program Video Gallery

Daily Yoga & Meditation Classes
Ayurvedic Body Pulse Diagnosis
Marma Or Pain Therapy
Ayurvedic Body Massage
Panchakarma Rejuvenation


"Thank you for introducing me to Yoga and its numerous benefits. Our sessions have greatly increased my flexibility and created a much needed sense of balance to my busy and sometimes frantic work schedule." --Yogacharya Dr. Manoj Upreti ji

Courses: - Ssky also provides

1. Marma therapy and treatment / Rejuvenation or stimulation of vital points or pain relief therapy:- fee Rs. 350/- per day 45 minutes.
2. Yoga teacher training course (TTC) / Beginner course:- Hatha Yoga, Asthanga Yoga, Viniyasa, Maha Mritunjaya Yoga etc.
3. Breathing yoga course.
4. Swara Yoga course.
5. Ayurvedic Herbal Massage course and treatment.
6. Panchakarma therapist course and treatment.
7. Ayurvedic & Herb cooking course. Rs. 200/- per day.
8. Indian ritual learning courses: - Retreats on Gita and Vedanta. Fee Rs. 300/- with lunch (organic thali).

Fee Structure

a. 33000/- Itís include 2 time yoga class, 2 herbal tea, 2 time food, accommodation in ashram or domes for one month.
b. If the guest will be stay in ore institute SHREE SANJEEVANI KRIYA YOGA FOUNDATION at GANGA RESORT (GMVN), Rishikesh the package cost will be Rs. 1750/- per guest per day including 2 time YOGA, 2 time organic ayurvedic food & fruits, Herbal tea and Accommodation.

Note:- if more than 2 person stay in the room, then cost will be 1399/- per day per person


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